CO2 storage imaging and, more generally, accurate mapping of the Earth’s subsurface, will be increasingly critical to the integrity of our planet’s environment. Precision Impulse aims to be a key contributor to clean energy systems of the immediate future.





An electrical engineer with more than 30 years’ experience in the global oil and gas industry, Will Davie began his career at Schlumberger in the oil fields of North Africa. More than two decades and multiple management positions later, he became Schlumberger group chief economist and advisor to the company’s CEO and board of directors. Before joining Precision Impulse Will founded and operated an advisory company on oil and gas marketing and technology strategy and related corporate finance.

A serial entrepreneur tied to technology and new venture investments including fixed wireless cable, broadband and cellular, Jim Teel began his career as the inventor, developer and distributer of the first automatic paper size selection system for office copiers. Jim was president of Teel Business Systems in Columbus, MS—a company he sold to IKON Office Solutions in 2002.  



A mechanical engineer by training, Benoit Barbier began his career at Schlumberger Wireline services in Japan, Siberia and China.  He later contributed to the development of the company’s geoscience and reservoir engineering software businesses in the Middle East and Asia.  Today he provides management and consulting services to companies including Neptune Marine Services, Drilling Systems, Accenture and SAP.



During his career as one of the world’s most prolific inventors of new technology, Larry Fullerton was awarded more than 500 patents from the US and international patent offices—for inventions ranging from high-resolution radar to covert wireless communications to programmable magnetic devices and armor capable of resisting rocket-propelled grenades. He won several prestigious awards for his inventions, including the HOBY Inspiration Award, and in 2010 he was named one of America’s 100 Most Creative People in Business by the consumer magazine Fast Company. His last and perhaps greatest commercial endeavor was the invention of the revolutionary seismic technology now being offered by Precision Impulse.